We’re obsessed with all things sugary and sweet. Pair that with cute and creative designs and we might faint. Okay, we won’t faint but we are for sure drooling right now. Just LOOK at these adorable cookies, cupcakes, and treats and tell us you don’t feel the same. We’re definitely going to attempt to make some of these desserts and will most likely end up on but it’s worth a shot. Check out the DIY links below to find out how to make them yourself, you deserve it! 🍡🍦🍩🍰🎂🍭 Om Nom Nom



Cactus Cupcakes 🌵

cactus cupcakes<< DIY >>

Tie Dye S’MoresDIY-tie-dyed-smores-6-600x900<< DIY >>

Boho Cookies

Custom Cookies<< PURCHASE HERE >>

Donut Letters 🍩

Donut Letters<< DIY >>

Flamingo Cupcakes

Flamingo Cupcakes<< DIY >>

PB&J Cookies 🍞

PBJ-Cookies<< DIY >>

Funfetti Twinkies

Funfetti-Twinkies9-600x900<< DIY >>

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes 🍦

Ice Cream cookies<< DIY >>

Hershey Kiss Cookies 🍫

Hershey Kiss Cookies<< DIY >>

Kitty Cupcakes 😻

cat cupcakes<< DIY >>

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Ice Cream Cookie<< DIY >>

Tie Dye Swiss Cake Roll

Tie-Dye-Yule-Log-4-600x900<< DIY >>

Floral Cupcakes 🌸💐

flower Cupcakes<< Pinterest >>

Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Cookie Dough Cupcakes<< DIY >>

Cream Cheese Fruity Pebble Cake – WHAT?

453626020415793b166e5d65c4c6a3ca<< DIY >>

Piggy Cupcakes

PiggyCupcake_JodiLevine<< DIY >>

Our very own ISHINE365 pastry chef made us the cutest holiday letter cookies!

Ishine365 Cookies<< Purchase >>